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Equilibrium: How Our Thrush Preventing Formula Works

Ellechemy's Equilibrium formulation was designed to be a pro-biotic powerhouse, promoting vaginal bacterial harmony and working to ease symptoms of itch, burning, irritation and odour that can come on with recurrent vaginal infections like thrush.

Essentially, we’re using a daily treatment as a preventor, helping women to avoid the scourge and vicious cycle of thrush before it happens.

Equilibrium is not a treatment for thrush if it is present, but using it every day as a
preventer as well as an excellent, gentle and effective sexual lubricant has changed the lives of so many of our customers. This issue is unfortunately common and for this reason, Equilibrium is one of our most popular creations and a best seller.

Active ingredients of Equilibrium include boric acid, coconut oil and cocoa butter. Each of these ingredients have strengths and downsides, but used together in our gynaecologist and pharmacist titrated proportions and suspended in our luxurious base formulations – we are definitely on to a winner.

How does Boric acid help?

Boric acid is an excellent therapy for women susceptible to recurrent thrush, which is, as many women can testify to, a challenge to manage. Often, when conventional treatment with azole type thrush or anti-yeast medications fail, infection may be due to a non Candida Albicans or resistant strain or species.

Boric acid is both fungo-static (meaning it prevents the yeast from reproducing and causing an infection) and fungo-cidal (lethal to the yeast themselves), depending on concentration and temperature.

By keeping thrush at bay, Equilibrium encourages the dominance of good bacteria. In the vagina, the main good guys are called lactobacilli.

How does coconut oil help?

Coconut oil contains molecules that are naturally fungostatic, however by itself it is an inappropriate vaginal lubricant. The pH of coconut oil is basic (much too high for vaginal use). In real Love, we take the good and balance out the bad, playing on the natural strengths of this natural substance as a synergistic co-pilot, while optimising pH, feel and effect.

How does cocoa butter help?

Cocoa butter is a cocoa bean extract rich in fatty acids and polyphenols, molecules that help defend plants against harsh elements in nature. It’s an ingredient that is commonly found in skincare products as it has many wonderful properties including antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and DNA-repair activities. This ingredient has been proven to assist skin hydration and elasticity and improve barrier protection. Scientific studies have shown derived lipid nanoparticles have healing properties when topically applied.

Recurrent thrush is known to cause skin irritation and micro-fissure formation, one of the mechanisms through which acute on chronic irritation evolves. Daily application of Equilibrium helps skin sooth, helps healing occur, and protects skin against recurrent damage. This element is designed to lead to improved comfort and quality of life.

Other tips for avoiding recurrent thrush:

1. Maintain good oral hygiene by looking after your teeth and gums as dental
disease can correlate with your risk of vaginal thrush recurrence.

2. Avoid foods high in sugar

3. Avoid detergent washes, perfumed soaps and shower gels for you vagina and

4. Choose cotton underwear over synthetics

5. Spend some time allowing the vulval skin to breath by going commando – such as at night while you are sleeping.

However for women who have tried everything, choosing Equilibrium and incorporating routine application into your daily routine may be a game changer, finally alleviating the suffering and frustration of experiencing recurrent thrush.

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