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Understanding Libido

Australian women overwhelmingly report the sexual concern of lack of libido.

Why are we not turned on? Is it physical? Is it about our attitudes to sex? Is it because a generation of women were raised to be partner pleasers? Is it because sex had not been about our pleasure?

Your libido is your sex drive. Your appetite for arousal and the motivation to seek physical pleasure and release.

For women libido is complex. It’s part biology, part psychology. Libido fluctuates with our state of mind and with the state of our hormones.

Oestrogen is the original female aphrodisiac. At times in our life where natural oestrogen levels are low (breast feeding, on the pill, in perimenopause and menopause), libido can dip.

What can we do about it: 5 tips to enhance your libido. Some are solutions (we’re into that at Ellechemy), some are suggestions.

1. Body:
We are in essence physical. Ellechemy's intimate formulations are designed to enhance your physical arousal and pleasure response.
Formulate your luxurious lubricant, choosing a silicone serum or aqueous base, with tailored actives to feel lovely and address your specific concerns.

If you are low on libido, try Ellechemy's T-Factor

2. Mind: turn inwards and reflect. Think about who you are. What is your favourite way to find pleasure? How do you relax? Gravitate towards what turns you on.

3. Soul: concentrate on connection - with your partner or with yourself. What about self pleasure or sex with a partner do you enjoy most? Talk about it.

4. Spirit: who are you today? Are you inhabiting a sexual persona from a past chapter in your life? What do you want, right now? What excites you?

5. Season: in female sexuality, we pass through many seasons, all different. We evolve. Sex is not static. Our goals change. Our partners sometimes change. However old or young you are, now is the chapter of self worth. You deserve pleasure. Sex is about finding satisfaction, personally. When you refocus believing that, you find your mojo, on your terms.