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What is Thrush?

Vaginal thrush is a common yeast infection of the vagina and vulva that causes itch irritation, skin fissuring, redness, pain and discomfort. As well as stinging, burning and itch, thrush can cause smelly, chalky, cottage cheesy discharge that feels incredibly unpleasant. Thrush makes sex offputting and in susceptible people, sex can result in thrush recurrence. 

Enter Equilibrium

Equilibrium is the Ellechemy Collection's gift for women and everyone with a vulva who suffer from recurrent relapsing remitting thrush. Equillibrium is a daily treatment to restore your intimate microbiome. Enriched with boric acid, Equilibrium supports the dominance of your lactobaccilli - the good bacteria of your vagina. It's gentle skin barrier supporting base and perfect pH restores health, comfort and balance. 

Equillibrium is a perfect everyday lube and intimate moisturiser that will keep your intimate skin balanced, supple, itch free, comfortable and healthy.