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Choosing which base is best for you - water based cream or silicone serum

Choosing a water based or silicone base to personalise your formulation can be as simple as a matter of textural choice.

Both feel different and both feel incredible. Both are safe for use with condoms. Both are beautifully clean, won't stain your linen, and don't require a tidy up. 

Reasons to choose a water base:

  • Ellechemy's water based rich cream texture is preferred if your goal is to apply your Ellechemist as a daily treatment. Our aqueous base formulation is designed to melt into skin to trap moisture, leaving skin cells plump, restored and supple.
  • Removing protective pubic hair can leave underlying delicate skin exposed and vulnerable to friction and dryness. Protectility and Eternelle are everyday Ellechemists that may be formulated using our aqueous base and used liberally on a daily basis to replenish and protect delicate vulval skin crying out for extra attention.
  • Create your perfect intimate daily moisturiser for all skin types including the most sensitive skin. Help recover your intimate skin barrier, leaving your skin healthy, smooth, soft and comfortable.  
  • If you enjoy using silicone sex toys, an aqueous base lubricant choice is more compatible.

Reasons to try silicone:

  • Our bespoke silicone formulations may be long lasting as more of the product remains on the skin surface as a protective layer.
  • Silicone serum slip are a great option for sex when severe vaginal dryness or a history of pain during sex is present, which may be the case after menopause and in the case of mature skin.
  • If you lovve the feeling of Ellechemy's silicone serum formulation for penetrative sex, you can still also choose an aqueous Ellechemy formulation to use as a daily treatment. Often this combination yields the best results after menopause. 
  • Ellechemy's silicone base formulations can be used in water which can be a lot of fun.
  • Unfortunately Silicone lubricants should not be your go-to choice for silicone sex toy play.
  • Silicone is both slippy and sensuous. If you are into anal sex, silicone may be your most comfortable choice.

    Reasons to try Ellechemy

    Ellechemy's formulations are bespoke and free of micro-flora harming preservatives many less sophisticated lubricants contain.  Our formulations feel amazing and are pH perfect for the vagina.   You can customise your Ellechemy formulation to suit your wants, needs and desires and to bring you pleasure. We apply lessons from science and western medicine to create unmatched formulations that are fit for purpose, practical and feel beautiful.