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When Sex is Painful

Dyspareunia is the medical term for painful sex. Sex can be painful for a number of reasons.

From a medical classification outlook, dyspareunia is described as either deep or superficial.

Superficial dyspareunia describes where sexual pain originates from traumatic contact to the skin of the perineum, vulva, clitoris or vagina, causing pain.

Sometimes pain is caused by dryness and skin sensitivity due to chronic depravation of oestrogen

This problem can occur at a range of different ages and life stages including while a woman is breast feeding and classically, progressively during perimenopause and after menopause itself.

Some women experience similar symptoms on the oral contraceptive pill while others like elite athletes or women with very low BMI due to eating disorders or physical illness do too.

Our Estradial formula can be used both as a daily treatment and as a transformative lubricant for use in sex to regenerate, restore and resolve superficial dyspareunia.

There are other causes of superficial dyspareunia too. Some infections such a genital herpes (HSV) can cause intense sexual pain that is recurrent with outbreaks. Some women can very successfully use antiviral medications to prevent relapse and recurrence of herpes outbreaks but maintaining a healthy intimate skin barrier is also protective. Some women are prone to chronic thrush or vulvo-vaginal candidiasis. We are learning more and more about the important protective functions of lactobacillus dominance in the vaginal microbiome. Ellechemy's Equilibrium formula is a soothing sensual lubricant containing boric acid, which serves and supports your body’s own natural flora to fight off recurrent thrush. Equilibrium can be used as a daily treatment and can help to protect your sensitive healing vulva and vaginal skin from micro abrasion caused by sexual friction.

Different skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis, lichen sclerosis and lichen planus can all benefit from daily moisturisation and in barrier therapy, to augment dermatologist lead therapies. Ellechemy's formulae offer superior barrier protection when used as a daily treatment with a luxe feel and texture. Our luxurious bases eliminate chafing residues, dissolving into skin to result in beautiful softness.

Deep dyspareunia is a term used to describe pain experienced with penetrative sex, originating high in the pelvis as a result of cervical motion.  Deep dyspareunia can be caused by low oestrogen levels or can be associated with pelvic organ prolapse. Other causes of deep dyspareunia include serious pathologies such as endometriosis or can even be caused by a gynaecological cancer. The most important thing to do if you are suffering deep dyspareunia is to see your gynaecologist for a full and thorough evaluation of your symptoms.

Vaginismus is defined as involuntary contraction of the pelvic floor musculature and can cause spasm and pelvic pain during sex. Pelvic sexual pain with vaginismus is not as easily classified as either superficial and deep - in reality it can be a bit of both and is a complex condition that can evolve over time.

Calm.By. Desire (C.B.D), Ellechemy's Cannabidiol enriched formula is our go-to recommendation for those wishing to reduce and alleviate symptoms of vaginismus, working best for women who are under the care of a multidisciplinary team of interested professionals helping to holistically address their specific concerns (gynaecologist, pelvic floor physiotherapist, sexual therapist, psychologist or counsellor).

If you are suffering from sexual pain, and you are not sure why, see a specialist. For more information, listen to “the sex tapes” episodes on Knocked Up Podcast or visit Women’s Health Melbourne.

Ellechemy's formulations are designed for you, tailored to your preferences, for your satisfaction. Enjoy the process of finding your perfect product to optimise your sensual experience.